Identify, Enrich & Monitor Market Information

Identify Organisations

The database and researchers at Ecomap can identify companies in any market.

  • Niche Markets
  • Mass Markets
  • All Geographical Regions
  • Specialised Industries

From €3,95 / per company

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Enrich Company Data

Enhance company information with additional data collected from relevant sources.

  • Number of Employees
  • Yearly Revenue
  • Funding Date
  • Social Followers

From €1,10 / per company for the first 3 data points

Monitor Market

Markets shift daily. Keep up to date on all the changes in real-time so you can move too.

  • Stakeholder Information
  • Market Mapping
  • New Players
  • Updatable Information

From €99 / per month

Data Enrichment Use Case

The Telecommunications Industry

Over 1'000 Companies Identified From Different Geographical Regions

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland

Three Data Points Identified & Enriched

  • Head Quarters
  • Revenue
  • Number of Employees

Data is monitored and updated as it changes

  • New Entrants
  • Revenue Growth
  • Market Dropouts

"I've used Ecomap for different projects to identify and analyse market data. They do a great job at identifying niche markets."

- Christophe (Finland)

Business Intelligence Specialist

"I am a fan of holistic market perspectives."

- Jens (Switzerland)

Strategic Advisor

"When I was working at Accenture, we were adding competitive landscape mapping to every project"

- Nishant (India)

Former Accenture Employee