About us.

Ecomap was founded by Tobias Straumann in early 2020 when he noticed that more and more blockchain companies were being created in Zug Switzerland. When Tobias researched the topic, he found that the system was confusing and hard to understand. So he decided to find a solution and a way to get an overview of the network and structure the market, and Ecomap was born. Since then, Ecomap has evolved to encompass more than just the blockchain ecosystem. In fact, our mapping has now expanded to over 600 industries and we have data on 200,000 companies, giving us a comprehensive picture of what's happening in the world around us. At Ecomap, we believe that a picture is worth 1,000 words, which underpins our certainty that a market can be understood through a single well-crafted and interactive map.

Photo Tobias Straumann
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Meet Tobias

This is Tobias. He is the brains and visionary behind Ecomap. Tobias has over twelve years of experience in digital marketing for insurance, software and IoT companies. During this time he has spent a lot of time researching and understanding different markets and brings this in depth knowledge and passion to Ecomap.

Meet Lukas

This is Lukas. He is the information gatherer at Ecomap and has more than nine years of experience in software engineering for semiconductor and pharmaceutical companies. Lukas has expert knowledge and skills in machine learning, data extraction, and data analysis and brings this to our database of industry information.

Photo Lukas Straumann
Ashutosh Photo

Meet Ashutosh

This is Ashutosh. He is the one who makes things work at Ecomap. He brings more than six years of software engineering experience to the company. Ashutosh is a professional web app developer and data scientist and uses this expert knowledge to make the Ecomap application work.

Meet Phil

This is Phil. He is the one who brings market research and marketing to life at Ecomap. Phil has more than ten years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry and has in-depth knowledge of mobility ecosystems. He brings this knowledge to the company to ensure our industry maps match reality.

Photo Phil Barber