Map your business ecosystem.

Ecomap lets you structure, organise, and understand your market or business ecosystem so you can share interactive maps with others.



You are a market researcher?
We help market researchers become insight creators.

Do you want to display that you are an expert in your field by illustrating your research findings in an infographic? but you don’t want to spend money on a graphic designer to add different logos on a non-interactive, non-content-rich, non-collaborative, non-updatable .JPG map. Here is the solution:

Build your custom market map

It's easy to start creating your own market map. In the search field, you search for a company, then drag the logo to the board and connect or group the logos. Learn more.


How we help

We help you succeed by supporting you if needed with finding the data, enhancing the data, structuring the data or technically setting up the maps. In a second step, distributing your information, whether it is on social or with a whitelabelling solution. Finally, we even provide a way to further monetize your maps.

Market Research

With our pool of sharp-witted market researchers, we'll support you find the data you or your customer is looking for.


Get easy data, fast, uncomplicated and free. Add a company name to our create stakeholder pop-up and save 30 separate Google searches as we tell you what Google knows about this company.


Our robust market map maker automatically generates ready-to-use market maps in seconds.


You are a marketer?
Become a market leader.

You want to know who your competition is and what they do (in real-time), but you don't want spend hours on googling about them or pay a lot to monitor them. Here is the solution:

Auto Market Map

Get an instant market overview. Generate ready-to-use market maps in seconds.

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Monetize your maps.

Are you an expert in a certain field and looking for an audience that will pay for quality content?  

Sign up for our reward maps. Create your maps on Ecomap, and let us put a paywall in front of your hard work. This way, you allow users to benefit from excellent research content and monetise your research simultaneously.

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Ecomap delivers the most relevant market overviews - first and fast.

A market can feel like the wild wild west sometimes. Fads come and go, and it can feel impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant in a market – especially when it comes to your business.

Our vision is to build a self-learning algorithm, based on a graph database, that will perform dark analytics to mine valuable business ecosystem insights. All this to keep you on top of your market.



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